Editorial Work & Publications
We love text. Yes, we still do. In many forms: analog or digital, entertaining or informative, long or short. And yes, we believe that good texts can make the world a better place. When writing, we find the right tonality – whether the text is for uncle Pete or the Minister of Science. We produce, curate and edit texts tailored for different readers and audiences – with perfect language quality, scientific know how, journalistic skills. And we can do that in different languages: German, English, Italian, Romanian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, to name but a few.

Innovative Conference Hosting
We use innovative tools and methods to bring people together and support productive exchange between them. We can initiate process – or result oriented encounters amongst small or big groups of people. And we can do that everywhere, worldwide, and in seven languages.

Motion Graphics & Films
Moving images are a great way to connect audiences successfully with higly complex content.  We especially like to develop films related to scientific research. Our motto: keep it as simple as possible and as complex as necessary. That results in image films, V-Logs, explaining films, documentaries, participatory video projects. Or in DVDs and Web packages. Always depending on what and whom exactly our clients want to reach.

Narrative and visual storytelling  
We work with modern story telling formats to turn science and research projects into memorable experiences . We truly touch people with our dissemination work. Ideally, our work begins with the very first day of a projects‘ lifetime.

Reaching out to policy fields
How can new knowledge reach the right decision makers in the policy field in order to have an impact and make that famous change? Our mission is to make relevant scientific knowledge more accessible and therefore more useful for the world as such. Our tools include an activating stakeholder analysis, participatory processes and tailored policy recommendations.

We specialise in participatory research methods to understand individual and local knowledge in its‘ full potential: with needs assessments, qualitative market research and the development of future scenarios.

Social Media Management
We reach our target groups just where they consume their information: in their digital everyday world. On facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedIn, research gate, We support our clients to build up digital communities and create longlasting connections.

Trainings & Workshops
We offer seminars and trainings on innovative science communication, communication for public policy experts and storytelling techniques in German, English and French. We also train specific know how related to EU funded projects.

Support for EU Project Development, Execution and Dissemination
From now on we also place our 20years experince in developing and managing large EU projects at the disposal of our clients. Call screening, project development, setting up high quality international consortia, innovative dissemination plans, project management and evaluation, reporting: yes, we can help you with all that. In seven languages and with a worldwide network.