Supporting research
to inspire people
and expand horizons.

Yes, it’s true: there are plenty of communication agencies out there. Why should you choose to work with us? Well … Because we know about the needs of scientific research, civil society groups and policy fields. If you want to make a change, we are there to help you do that. With communication, participation and scientific research . And by spreading innovative, future oriented knowledge with societal relevance to all these different stakeholders.

We are specialised in all issues related to sustainability, scientific research and innovative communication work. The backbone of our work is a holistic concept of sustainability that respects social, cultural and economic aspects and the built environment. Enhance participation of all is a focus of our work. We therefore often collaborate with marginalised people on the one hand, and political decision makers on the other.

Cities and rural communities use our experience to enhance their communication to the outside world and strengthen inclusion. NGOs and NPOs profit from our work to become more visible and enter into a more profound dialogue with decision makers. Scientific institutions find us an ideal partner for spreading new knowledge and develop and execute EU funded projects.