Reading List

On our Reading List we want to compile a hand-picked selection of Good Reads at the mid of each month. The focus will be on the topics we deal with at Oikoplus. It will focus on science communication, forms of participation and the most diverse aspects of sustainability. Maybe we will compile thematic reading lists, but maybe not. We will just start and try it out. 

We hope that our Reading List will keep you well informed and entertained. We want to find interesting texts and topics and show you what Oikoplus is interested in and what inspires us. 

Enjoy reading!  

#001 (DE): Hämmern und Tanzen, mit Evidenz bitte!
#001 (EN): The Hammer and the Dance, with Evidence, please!

#002 (DE): Publish or Perish! Ist das Kommunizieren wissenschaftlicher Erkenntnisse in Fachjournalen noch immer die richtige Strategie?
#002 (EN): Publish or Perish! Is Communicating Scientific Findings in Journals Still the Right Strategy?

#003 (DE): Hören und gehört werden, Ideen austauschen und mitbestimmen: Digitale Partizipation leicht gemacht
#003 (EN): Hear and being heard, exchange ideas and have a say: Digital participation made easy.

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